We host client websites

So that the client is free to concentrate on their own business.


We don't believe in offering our clients the same hosting package as a one size fits all service.

We only host websites that we build for our clients. Our clients are also free to continue with an existing provider or choose a supplier who offers similar technologies and we will be happy to work on the chosen provider's network.

If you choose to host with Stiff Design we can offer you managed Linux Apache hosting with PHP and MySQL database. The server is fully managed by Stiff Design so that the client is free to concentrate on their own business.

Web Hosting from £345 per annum

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In our experience every website has different requirements and these need to be identified

Our approach to hosting is to identify the business components of new projects at an early stage of discussions. When we fully understand the business components of the project we evaluate the technical underpinning and the server environment required to fulfilling the project aims.

We provide hosting for clients on dedicated web space that we hold, if our clients require a scalable business platform with greater flexibility to configure the server environment then as part of our development package we also source the hosting.

Hosting specifications can be a confusing subject for none technical people but essentially there are 3 main types of hosting platforms:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  3. Dedicated Server

Hosting platforms are can be offered on a Microsoft Windows platform or based on Unix Open Source platform, Unix-like computer operating system include Linux and Solaris.

Shared Hosting

Or virtual hosting is where many websites reside on one web server. This is generally the most economical option for hosting as many clients share the overall cost of server maintenance. The hosting service does have the advantage of built-in system monitoring, technical support and administration. The disadvantages are that the server is not generally customisable towards individual website requirements along with the fact that there is a greater level of contention for resources.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Is a hosting environment that has the characteristics of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The Virtual Private Server resides on its own partition and runs its own operating system in a secure and private environment and is wholly independent from neighbouring partitions. A Virtual Private Server gives you the same level of root access as a dedicated server whilst sharing the cost of the hardware, so you are virtually running your own server but at a fraction of the cost.

Dedicated Server

Or managed hosting is where the client leases an entire server. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as operators have full control over the server. Server support can usually be provided by the hosting company as an add-on service. There is a wide choice of server configurations and operating systems along with the amount of resources that can be included, so that these exactly match the organisations needs.

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Our websites look great on all devices

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