Does mobile page speed matter?

Your website visitors deserve a faster browsing experience. Does your website deliver?

Take the test! If it's not AA rated it could be contributing to a poor user experience which might also impact on your SEO page rank.

mobile page speed matters

Are SERP results relative?

A question I'm often asked is 'why does my website's position sometimes vary depending if I'm at work, on my phone or at home'?

The reason is quite complex but differences in mobile and desktop searches are due to the differences in the search algorithms that search engines use in determining ranking. Additionally, Google uses increasing numbers of data center locations around the UK, Europe and globally from which search results are returned. As search technology become increasingly dynamic, it often takes time for data centers to even-out across the network. Other factors such as your search history and browser settings can skew the results. To overcome this you should always check your results using the 'incognito mode' of your browser.

Are SERP's results relative?

Build for speed

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Making mobile websites faster

Making mobile websites faster using lossy compression PNG images with full alpha transparency.


SEO: Google's ranking factors

Ever wondered what these are? Here's the complete list.

Ranking Factors the complete list

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